Disability Insurance is Not the Be All End All, But Definitely an Important Risk Eliminator

April 11th, 2022 by dayat No comments »

Are you self employed or the major bread winner in your family? Well then health Insurance, especially disability insurance is a wise thing to have, but spending too much on shopping for it is unwise, as you most likely will never use it. However, if you are the major income earner in your family it could be a life saver down the road.

For those looking to save money on disability insurance, try getting a high deductable health disability plan. If you are self employed you must consider that if you are taken out of the picture for a time your business might go broke, and you will have lost everything that you built over the years, so a good insurance policy can shore up that risk if you become disabled.

Let me tell you a story; I was involved in a motorcycle accident and could not run my business, and luckily I had disability insurance. The disability insurance kicked in about the time I got better and it paid for some expenses that I had which piled up when I couldn’t work. It was a real bummer not being able to work, but I tried to manage the best I could.

By the time I got paid by the disability insurance company it was three months later, at that time I no longer needed the money and everything was fine, but had I been laid up for longer, I’d probably have lost my business without the disability insurance policy. So, you need to be thinking here, even if you believe, as I did back then, that it could never happen to me. Sure it can, and for me it did one fine summers day while cruising my motorcycle. Please consider this.